Anonymous asked:
helloooo love yes those stars and stripey pants :) soz I didn't know how to link a pic from mobile lol thank you tho! x

Hahaha you’re welcome! i searched a bit online since we don’t have a post for them, but i can’t seem to find where they’re from :) it could be a fun DIY tho!!

Anonymous asked:
the name of it says "celeste blue sandstone gemstone necklace", i hardly believe you read the description of the necklace to decide the name for it, when the name of it is right there in big letters. and the same with the skull ring too. its just obvious you copied, just give credit next time.

god, whatevs.

Anonymous asked:
i bet you literally just copied and pasted her links. if you click on the links and look at the names of the items, theyre named longer and worded slightly differently than what she put, you couldve named your links anything but you happen to have the exact same wording. "pendulum" isnt even in the name of the necklace but you have it there somehow. its just too obvious you copied, its not nice to copy and not give credit.

obviously its gonna link to the same damn site as her links? copied or not its not like its a big surprise, that they’re going to the same site?

FYI, it does say pendulum on the damn site!

"blue sandstone pendulum

honestly i trust my co-owners not to copy.

Anonymous asked:
you obviously just copied off of littlemix-styleblog....

uhm excuse me? obviously the style blogs will be somewhat similar, they dont wear 25 different outfits everyday so the style blogs will have something different to post.

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Jesy posted a picture on Instagram wearing a lot of jewellery!

Theo Fennell Snake Eye Ring - $725

HALIMA Onyx Sterling Silver Ring - $55

Lulu’s Colette Striped Sunglasses - $14

Topshop Cross Charm Choker - $22

Jade Jagger Silver Skull Necklace - $1,385

CELESTE Gemstone Pendulum Necklace - $29

Anonymous asked:
OMGGGGG so I just came across a pic of jesy that I hadn't seen before, not sure how recent it is but she's wearing a leather jacket with silver font on the back and these super cool legging things! one leg is black and white stripes horizontal across the front with black with white little stars all over the back, and the other leg is reverse, but the back sides have cuts all across. Do you have a link for the pants? thanks for all your hard work x

If you could link or submit the picture it would be better for us to find the clothes!

Are you talking about these pants?

I don’t know where they’re from, but she wore them sometime last year in february :)

jesy inspired casual office by ireneparus featuring a bodycon mini dress

Anonymous asked:
Could you do like business casual for like upper school where you have to wear smart clothes as if you're in an office please? (Hope this made sense) xXx

Yeah ill get to it right away! (: x irene

I feel like she’d wear something kinda like that, yeah x

No new outfits to post so let me know if you want me to find for you old outfits or make inspireds!

The girls performed last night in Blackpool and Jesy was looking perfect as always!

SHADE Polo Crop Top - $50

Hot Mess Over-Sized Mesh Tee - $50

Topshop Black High Waisted Shorts - not longer available

New Rock Itali Reactor Boots - $505