Anonymous asked:
Do you know where her shorts are from that she wore in the wireless festival?

Missguided xx

Anonymous asked:
Okay so this may just sound really confusing but jesy wore these trousers and I was wondering if you knew where hey were from... Okay so here is my explanation of what they looked like: They were like leggins but at like half way down The thigh and past the knee there was it was like cut away and then there was a Buckley thing keeping the top and bottom half together lols I hope I made sense Thanks anyways (:

you mean suspender tights? :) they’re from pop culture x

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littlemixfashionblog819-deactiv asked:
Can I Please Have A Shoutout? Thanks? I greatly appreciate it. By the way great job with the blog.


thank you x

Anonymous asked:
Are you guys still running this blog?

i think were on a break, well i am. Im so busy with school and everything right now.

irene x

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Anonymous asked:
Could you do what she wore in how ya doing? Both if you can but if not could you do the one she wears when she's with the rest of the girls?

I actually can’t find the posts lol but when she’s with the girls she’s wearing:

  • topshop joggers
  • lazy oaf bear bralet
  • missguided platform sneakers

which is all sold out, and I was never able to find the outfit from her single scene, except the bow which is from treasure trunk x

Anonymous asked:
where are yall from?

Im from Denmark and AJ is from Australia (:

irene x

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perrie-edwardsfashion asked:
can i please have a shoutout? im new

follow! x

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Anonymous asked:
Can you do a casual and dressy inspired looks from F21 plus size line? ❤

sure! x

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